Couples Relationship Counselling
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Specialist Diploma In Couples Relationship Counselling

The Diploma In Couples Relationship Counselling course will enable you to recognise the differing dynamics when working with two clients. Who are struggling with problems in their relationship but wanting to work through the issues they are facing together. Working with the change in the dynamics, from a one to one approach, to a couple’s approach in the counselling room takes skill & a higher level of awareness. Learning how to counsel couples will add significant skills & theory to your existing knowledge and qualifications.

This is a CPD training, and you will gain 12 CPD hours, along with your Key Counselling Training.

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Course Will include:

Who is this course for? Anyone working with couples or families, including psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers, psychologists, teachers, GPs, health visitors and those involved in mental health.
Anyone who is interested in learning an integrative approach to problem solving, including motivational interviewing, solution focused, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt & brief therapy interventions, to facilitate a rapid process of change for couples in distress.

Courses Dates & Training Period: – Standard Study 4 weeks (Wednesday over 4 weeks period) 6:15pm-9:15pm  

Course Fees: – Standard Study £175 per person (£50 deposit)   4 payments of £31.25 payable weekly  


Couples Relationship Counselling Courses Birmingham

Surely counselling couples is the same as counselling a single client? Well, no it certainly is not. The dynamics are very different. Relationship issues are one of the most common causes of emotional distress, and often the reason people seek support & guidance with counselling. Often, people think of couple counselling as being helpful in terms of ‘shared issues’ such as marital and sexual problems. However, couple counselling can also get to the root and truth of individual issues, sometimes more quickly than individual work, this is because there is also another person present who acts as a check and a balance in a couple conversation.

Understanding why the difficulties between them occur & what can be done about them, is often why a couple decide to attend counselling to learn, recognise & agree to make the changes for their relationship to continue. Our training will give you a thorough understanding, increasing your knowledge, along with a range of strategies and skills for working effectively and ethically with more than one client. We will teach you the practical guidelines and skills to build and maintain supportive and mutually rewarding relationships. Presented with integrative theory and making good use of your own previous experiences with counselling.

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