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How To Look After Your Mental Health During COVID

Mental Health and Covid19

The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns have had an impact on almost every aspect of our lives. Our collective mental health is particularly at risk. Although lockdowns are easing now, many people still feel nervous, anxious, and unsure. Here we provide a few tips on how to look after your mental health during COVID.

Staying Connected With Your Family

If you’ve been spending more time than usual at home by yourself, it’s vital that you keep in touch with your friends and family. Try and make sure that you call your loved ones regularly or speak to them over Zoom for a weekly quiz. However, where possible, try not to get too bogged down in social media. The constant exposure to social media can have a negative impact on your mental health.

Do You Talk About Your Concerns

Talking is critical to improving your mental health. If you feel worried, anxious, or nervous about the pandemic, your employment or getting your life back to normal, you should discuss those feelings. Either with a counsellor or a friend, talking through these worries can ensure that you don’t internalise things too much.

How Can Exercise Improve Your Mental Health

Exercising is a great way to improve your mental health and physical well-being. By going out and getting your heart rate up, you can dramatically improve your mood. Although the idea of exercise can sometimes leave you feeling exhausted before you’ve even got out, the accomplishment of a run or cycle can help you feel better within yourself. Try and eat healthy meals and get out for a bit of exercise every day.

Personal Counselling Birmingham

Here at Key Counselling Training, we provide personal counselling in Birmingham with our trainee counsellors through supervised sessions. Just talking in a non-judgemental session can have great benefits for your mental health. Contact us today or visit our personal counselling page and discover more details about this amazing service.

To find out more, please feel free to contact us today. You can find us at our headquarters at 5 St Paul’s Terrace, 82 Northwood Street, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, B3 1TH. Alternatively, call us on 0121 236 0620 or 07842 712 072 and email us at admin@keycounsellingtraining.com

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