Mindfulness in Practice Training
Remote or classed based learning options for this course

Specialist Certificate In Mindfulness In Practice Training

This Mindfulness Training is ideal to apply to your working practices with clients or ideal for self-growth. Learning how to apply these mindfulness techniques – they can be used as independent techniques or be incorporated into a counselling session. This is a specialist Certificate training  by Key Counselling Training Ltd. This is a practitioner course, you will be taught how to apply techniques to self and clients. Yes you can, in practice this course teaches you numerous techniques specifically to apply with clients & confidently apply them.

For example, If you have a client experiencing anxiety, you will learn, and teach your client, how to complete  a breathing exercise which can be applied as part of your  ongoing counselling session or you can apply mindfulness techniques as a mindfulness practitioner. This training will help you to teach clients wellbeing techniques that they can use themselves at home, in order to reduce their symptoms and uncomfortable stressful feelings in the moment.


Course Will include:

You will be presented with essential concepts of mindfulness and ways to incorporate it in everyday life. We will focus on the interactive patterns that our clients live with, how they manage to function on a daily basis. We know that in order to counsel effectively, you need to be trained to a high level, to provide effective interventions. We here at Key counselling training in Birmingham have a proven track record in training with many students who have qualified with us and gone on to achieve amazing success.

Who is this Course for? This training is offered for trainee counsellors, qualified counsellors or similar health professionals in the mental health field & for anyone who would like to understand more about the mind and how mindfulness can help alleviate many symptoms.
Courses Dates & Training Period:- Standard Study 4 weeks (4x Saturday Sessions) 9:30am-12pm  
Course Fees:- 

Standard Study £150 (£50 deposit)

Over 4 Mornings and is remote learning from the comfort of your own home.

For the ideal Mindfulness in Practice Training course in Birmingham, come to Key Counselling Training. We have a staff of experienced tutors who can take you through each stage of your learning and support you beyond. Contact us today for more details about any of our courses and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.