Personal Counselling Birmingham

At the Health and Harmony personal counselling in Birmingham we provide free online/remote personal counselling sessions: –

  • Face to face sessions are £10
  • We can refer you to one of our trainee counsellors
  • You can have as many free sessions of skype counselling as you feel you need
  • This service is National & International with the legalities & Ethics of the UK

Sometimes, when we least expect it, a difficulty arises that we simply cannot make sense of, or we are frightened, confused, angry or hurt. We just don’t know which way to turn for help, or who to turn to for help. Call us and you could be sharing your burden with a counsellor within 24 hours. You may not want to speak to friends or family. It may be that you don’t believe that they will understand, or perhaps you don’t wish to burden them? Do you feel as though you are the only person in the world experiencing this problem and what you may need is a safe place to explore the issue, to express your feelings safely and to think about how you want to deal with this issue and find the answers that best fit for you.

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Counselling Training

Personal Counselling Service Near Me

Contact us so we can ask a trainee counsellor to contact you direct to arrange your session. To access this service, you will need to be over 18 years of age. Health & Harmony provide counselling placements for Key Counselling Training’s students & we are in the same building as Key Counselling Training in the Jewellery Quarter. Book your session with our personal counselling service in Birmingham.

Supervised Counselling Sessions

You can be sure of a non-judgemental approach, a confidential supportive session with a trainee counsellor who is completing the 100 hours of supervised counselling sessions.  There will not be anyone else at the sessions except you and the trainee counsellor. You will be expected to share, and explore any difficulties you have, however, what you share and how much you wish to discuss is your decision. You will not be expected to talk about anything you do not wish to discuss.

  • All counselling sessions are £10 per session if you come to the centre, however, they are free if you Skype
  • We do not ask you about your financial situation, and we do not limit how many sessions you have.
  • Perhaps you have been carrying this burden or pain for a long time. Whatever the problem or difficulty is, perhaps now is the right time for you to find your answers, to free yourself from the worry, the hurt or the confusion.

So why not take the first step now, contact us and let us help you to get the lifestyle you want & deserve to have. This is a national service throughout the UK. As long as you can access the internet, we can provide Skype counselling sessions with you. Most counsellors are trainees and in their final semester of training obtaining their required 100 hours of placement. They have regular supervision.