Supervision Training
Remote or classed based learning options for this course

Specialist Diploma Clinical Counselling Supervision

Our advanced diploma in Clinical Counselling Supervision is geared towards qualified counsellors who have at least two years of experience and 450 hours of professionally supervised counselling sessions.

If you would like to become a clinical supervisor in order to refine the skills, support, and connect  with trainee or qualified counsellors just like yourself, then our Diploma training course in counselling supervision in Birmingham is ideal for you.


Counselling Supervision Training Birmingham

Over the course of your counselling supervision training in Birmingham, you’ll explore what’s included in the roll of supervision as well as its purpose. You’ll work alongside both aspiring trainees and fully qualified supervisee’s, allowing you to gain valuable skills at every experience level. Moreover, you’ll learn how to supervise creatively and become familiar with the balance of power within the supervisory and counselling roles.

We will prepare you to work as a skilled and passionate supervisor in a range of environments, including private practice. After completing our supervisor training course in Birmingham, you’ll leave our training with the required skills and qualification to become a successful & effective supervisor. We can add you to our list of approved Supervisors and refer our trainees to you as your placement hours. We will also provide you with an extensive handbook. Providing Supervisees as Part of Comprehensive Counselling Supervision Training in Birmingham

Course Will include:

Session 1:   The supervisor in context & ensuring standards
Session 2:   Building the supervisory relationship
Session 3:   Good practice in supervision
Session 4:   Enabling the supervisee to make use of supervision in a safe reflective environment.
Session 5:   Assessment & Contracting in supervision
Session 6:   Working with Supervision Theories
Session 7:   Working with a group in supervision
Session 8:   Working with the supervisee’ s counselling model
Session 9:   Working with the supervisor’s counselling model
Session10:  Working sensitively within the supervisory relationship  

While undergoing training, you will create a professional portfolio that demonstrates how you have put your training into practice as a supervisor with at least two supervisees. Your portfolio will also contain a 10-minute recorded transcript presentation and a reflective learning journal that describes your development. You’ll complete 10 sessions of counselling supervision in Birmingham during the course. The first two sessions will take place during the first month. Subsequently, you will then complete one day per month between the hours of 10am and 4pm to complete a total of 60 hours.

Who is this Course for? The primary objective of our course is to enable you, as a qualified counsellor, to gain the competence and knowledge you need to work as a supervisor within agencies, private practices and organisations. If you are a qualified counsellor looking to give your career a boost, then our supervision course is perfect for you.  

Courses Dates & Training Period:- Standard Study 10 Sessions-60hrs (one day per month) 10:00am-4:00pm

  Course Fees:- Standard Study  £899 (£150 deposit)

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