Counselling Children and Young People

Remote or classed based learning options for this course

Specialist Diploma In Counselling Children and Young People

If you would like to work specifically in counselling children, then you’ve come to the right place. At Key Counselling Training, we offer a range of counselling courses to both qualified professionals and trainees at centres in Birmingham, Leicester, Dudley, and the wider Midlands area. Unlike other online courses, we are not providing this course via email and pre-recorded video, your tutor will be live with you on the skype call and will be providing the training with you and your peers in a collaborative way, face to face in a virtual classroom.


Counselling Children Training Courses

Children and young people are some of the most vulnerable and impressionable members of our community. So,giving them the support they need to guide them through the issues that affect them is vital. We proudly offer a comprehensive range of child counselling courses, designed to enable aspiring counsellors to feel confident that their newfound skills and knowledge. Our students will become qualified professionals that are capable to work with children and young people suffering from a variety of problems, such as anxiety, relationship difficulties and self-esteem issues.

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With a career in child counselling, the opportunities are endless. You have the chance to make a real difference within your local community. Help children and young people grow into positive, confident, and capable adults. The content within our children’s counselling course covers topics such as youth culture, comparisons within development theories, and bonding and attachment. You will also learn how to connect with younger generations so that you can tailor. Maximise the benefit of your interventions and counselling techniques. We can provide a placement for you to complete your 25 hours of one to one counselling. You will need this in order to successfully complete this Diploma training. You will need to have completed, or currently training on a level 3 counselling skills training (not online) or already be a qualified counsellor.

Course Will include:

Who is this Course for? Our students arrive from all walks of life, from those who are currently unemployed to those who are wanting to change their careers, for example: admin workers, teachers, support workers and retail, to name just a few! This course covers an overview of four counselling theories, and all the skills a counsellor uses and will teach you more effective ways to communicate, as well as provide personal development.

Courses Dates & Training Period: 

Standard Study

12 Months (one day per month)


You will complete minimum of 25 hours of supervised placement. It is an ideal course for qualified counsellors who want to diversify and also for those already working with children, in a pastoral setting. You will need to have completed up to a level 3 counselling training and this must be in a classroom based/face to face training establishment.

This challenging course in Counselling Children and Young People can be so rewarding and here at Key Counselling Training, we will provide you with all the learning and support to achieve a valued qualification. Contact us today for more information and advice.